July 3, 2008

Branding part IV - Putting it to use

Once you have a logo designed, and you know you can start using it to identify your products or services, the fun begins. Go nuts with your logo! Here are some places you can use it:


1. Business cards and other stationery products
2. Avatars
3. Websites, blogs, e-commerce store fronts
4. Product packaging


1. Have a vinyl cling or magnetic sign made up and stick it to your vehicle.
2. Make bumper stickers.
3. Work your logo into decopauge, decorative items.
4. Sew your logo into a quilted or fiber art design.


1. Go to http://www.cafepress.com/ or http://www.spreadshirt.com/ and print your logo along with your phone # or website address on shirts, caps, aprons, etc. Use these items for yourself, as gifts, and as promotional giveaways to promote your business. (Seriously. How many people do you see walking around wearing the logos of Tommy Hilfiger, Element Skateboards, or Dale Earnhardt's number?)

2. At craft fairs, print your logo on bright colored, re-useable tote bags and use them instead of shopping bags for big sales so your logo will walk around the fair for all to see.

3. Encourage people (customers, blog readers, etc) to send in pictures of themselves with your logos. Post them all on your website or blog and have visitors vote for the best one. Award prizes for different categories.

4. Have a rubber stamp made of your logo. Stamp the image all over solid color wrapping paper and use it on gift items purchased from your e-store.

5. Try an Andy Warhol-inspired approach and turn your logo into artwork.

6. Use a permanent ceramic paint pen to draw your logo and website on a coffee mug and give it away.

Any other ideas? Post your comments!


  1. I am really enjoying your branding series; part IV has given me a better vision for creating my brand.

    These were some great suggestions and I really liked the stationary links that were so creative, fun and inspiring and my favorite one which mixes the scripts to create a graphic was my favorite because I love text based graphics.

    Best wishes on your stationery business.

  2. Thanks for including Spreadshirt.com. I just wanted to suggest the blog ChirsBrogan.com - he has some great ideas for using social media for branding.

  3. Hi Lindsay,

    My very savvy 12 year old daughter introduced me to spreadshirt.com. She's saving up her cash and making some art this summer and I think she'll be doing some school clothes creating/shopping via spreadshirt. Smart kid.

    Regarding the comment about ChrisBrogan.com, excellent. Thank you for pointing him out.

    I thoroughly checked out his blog and think a good starting point for anyone wanting to expand on what I wrote here would be his blog post entitled "100 Personal Branding Tactics Using Social Media." I made a second quick post today with a clickable link.

    Thanks for the comments!


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