August 28, 2008

*ahem* And the Winnersssss Are...

This morning I was looking through the box where I keep my shipping supplies and saw three envelopes waiting to go out to the winners of the last giveaway when my brain froze and I realized what I had done.
I howled, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!"

Holey Cheese, people, I am such a DOPE.
And to Misty and Miss Bliss, I am SO sorry!!

Ok. Let's re-announce the winners of the last giveaway correctly, this time. Later, I will blog about the importance of paying attention to the little details.
...Based on experience.

AAAaaaaaaand the winnerssss are:
(I'm emphasizing the ssss on winners)

Mary Jenkins of Giveaway Corral
Misty of Planet Misty
and Miss Bliss

Ladies, if you will email your mailing addresses to me at pam @ I'll get your favorite Pass It On Plate Lite kits in the mail pronto.

Here is the original image of the winners.

random 8-23-08.JPG, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

In her blog post Mary Jenkins said, "I liked the birthday set in pastel best. They are all cute. Trust me! I would love the birthday one for my daughter's upcoming birthday!"
(Mary, I still need you to email your address to me so I can ship it out.)

On the giveaway post, Misty said, Kitty Kitty Kitty Cat with Pink Tie In & Fishy Cookie Cutter is my fave. Here you go, Misty. It's all ready to be mailed to you!

Miss Bliss said, "I like the 'MeeeOwww with Fishy cookie cutter' Very cute"
Thank you, Miss Bliss. It is now yours.

Whew! I'm glad I caught that. Again ladies, I'm sorry I'm such a dope and messed up with the first announcement. I promise I will pay better attention with the next giveaway.

...which is coming up in just 11 days. Mark your calendar and come on back Monday Sept 8th to see what else you can win!


  1. I laughed outloud at your Holey Cheese comment! Ah, yes, you're from Wisconsin! what a hoot!
    Workin like a dog here! Hope all is well there...
    Happy creating, Laurie B.

  2. It was the most family friendly, non-blasphemous exclamation I could think of.

    I am very careful to not swear or discuss controversial topics that may meander into territory that could end up offending anyone. I do that online as well as in "real" life.

    On the other hand, I don't like the metallic flavor of Swiss Cheese, so I figured it was appropriate.

    Besides I don't care if I offend a chunk of weird-tasting aged dairy bacteria.


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