August 22, 2008

Please be patient...

I've got news, I've got news, I've got news!
Several things have been keeping me too busy to share all the good stuff, so please be patient while I try to get everything done. (It's #3 below that's bogging me down at the moment. It came up all of a sudden.)

Here are two tidbits to tide you over. I don't want you holding your breath until you turn blue. That's just not good for your complexion.

1. I have a double award to announce and spare
2. We have Giveaway winner!
3... all I can say about the last bit of news is: We put the wheels in motion yesterday and hope to beat an October 1st deadline. (Eek! That's less than 5 weeks away! But if Mr. Pass It On Plates can propose marriage to me after only two months, we should be able to get this done fast.) Step two comes Sunday at 12:30, and if all goes well we may be in for a LOT of paperwork.

Intrigued by my cryptic #3?

Stay tuned.
PS: We have been happily married for over 15 years now. I tell ya, when we know something's good, it's good.

Oh. And #3 came with an offer of fresh figs. Anyone have fig recipes to share?

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