August 27, 2008

Just the number, Ma'am

Call me crazy, but I have started selling numbers.

No, this has nothing to do with horse racing or gambling.
I'm not in the stock market or involved in any Multi Level Marketing plan.

These tracking numbers are not used to bring lost dogs or cats home, they're not used to identify a batch of canned pears, and have nothing to do with trains.

Pears, originally uploaded by Jennifwr.

Have you ever made or had a sentimental item that you know would pass from friend to friend?
Have you ever thought how interesting it would be if you could track its journey from person to person? Hmmm, how in the world could you do that?

Aha! Add a tracking number to it!
This great idea is now available in my Etsy shop.

Wouldn't it be neat to be able to tell the story of certain baby items as they travel from one baby to the next?

You could add a number to a Christening gown, a stroller, a play pen, fancy dress clothes, a swing, crib, etc...

Christening Gown, originally uploaded by JJ Knits.

Don't forget those cherished wedding items that you only use once but that your friends need when they tie the knot -
  • Wedding items that are either old, new, borrowed, or blue?
  • Wedding cake toppers or cake knives
  • Wedding champagne glasses

Celebration toast with champagne, originally uploaded by dotw.

Can you think of other items that are just begging for a tracking number?
Try adding a tracking number to:
  • Aprons
  • Tote bags
  • Wine bottle stoppers
  • Cloth gift bags
  • Gift baskets (the actual basket)

...and don't forget to try:
  • Pot luck dishes and serving utensils
  • Cake pans
  • Casserole dishes

What other items can you think of?

Your unique tracking number can be written, embroidered, painted, stamped, fused, decoupaged, quilted, added to a tag or label, or attached to your item any way you like.

Visit my Etsy shop and get your tracking number today!



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