August 22, 2008

Connecting with your readers

A couple of weeks ago I was surfing through my Technorati Experiment post to check out some of the blogs in the list and ask to have my links added to their list. I left a comment at one of the blogs and promptly forgot about it until later when I checked my email.
Here is what it said:

Hey Pam Hawk,

Just wanted to thank you for stopping by on August 3rd, 2008.

Your comment definitely helps me write better articles, and allows other readers to see your opinion about the article ( that you talked about.

I hope to see you back again soon! If you have a busy schedule, you could always subscribe to my R.S.S feed so that my posts are available at your convenience. Simply click this link: or go to the main home page and click the corresponding button.

Brad @

Now while I realize Brad has probably set up an auto responder to send this email the second I left his site, it left a positive impression on me, and I did go back to read more posts.

You know what? I found some valuable information on his blog and have since subscribed.

If the email hadn't been sent to me, I probably would never have returned to his blog. Instead, this tiny effort on his part gained him another regular reader. Pretty darned smart, if you ask me.

When people leave comments for me, I read them all and try to respond accordingly. I also visit the sites of my commenters and read their posts and try to leave relevant comments as well.

Connecting with your readers encourages a sense of community in your blog. It also makes you more human and it does increase your readership, whether it's through regular visits or RSS subscribers. In fact, if you enjoy reading my blog, I invite you to subscribe, as well. Just click one of these buttons in the sidebar and select your reader.

So tell me, what do you do to connect with your readers?



  1. I do the same thing you do, I visit commenters blogs and try to leave relevent comments. I wish I was more knowledgable with the computer sometimes, that email response you got was really neat, thanks for sharing.

    I have also tagged your blog! Read about it here:

  2. Hi!
    Please visit my blog again, as I have nominated you for an award.
    I find your blog interesting and it has alot of info. that I can definately learn from!
    Thank you for your help!


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