August 25, 2008

Giveaway reminder - - -

Over the past few weeks, several Pass It On Plate Lite and DIY Pass It On Plate kits have been sent out for testing. In addition, several of the Original Pass It On Plates have been distributed in the Salem, Oregon area. All of these Pass It On Plates are "live" plates and they qualify for any promotions we happen to be running.

I just wanted to remind everyone about the promo we are currently running. I'd love to see a lot of you get all six entries per plate. Here are the details:

Over 20 names, originally uploaded by passitonplates.
It’s our biggest giveaway yet!
Enter to
win a free Pass It On Plate
in our monthly drawing.
All monthly drawing entries have a chance to win our Grand Prize:
a set of four Pass It On Plates!
That would help with your Christmas shopping, wouldn’t it?

From July 1 through the end of September, you can enter to win every time you make a plate diary entry. The more plate diary entries you make, the more chances you have to win!

Whoo hoo!

Winners of these plates get to mix and match the plate color, the PlateWrap, the Pretty Little Doo Dad, and special paint pen color of their choice to totally personalize their prize.

Here are three ways to enter:

You get one entry when you leave a qualifying comment in the official Plate Diary (right here)
(see below to learn more about what a qualifying comment is)

You get two entries when you email us a picture of your plate.

You get three entries when you email us a picture of you with the plate as you pass it on.

1 + 2 + 3 = 6
For example, if you make a comment in your plate’s online diary,
and email a picture of your plate,
and email another picture of you giving the plate to a friend,
you’ll get six entries to win!

Just pass it on &
encourage your friends to keep it moving.

Click here for the rest of the details and contest rules.


  1. Hi Pam!
    My friend didn't make the trip down this weekend so alas, my plate sits empty! I will make a comment my plate diary though. You did get the picture, right? I've had a busy, and not so great weekend (health stuff) so that's why I've been quiet. Take care!! Laurie B.

  2. YES. I did get the picture.
    It's 100% perfect!

    Check it out:


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