August 11, 2008

A "good day at the office"

Guess what I did today! I packed up a tote bag full of good stuff, grabbed the camera, and went to the park. It was a beautiful day with plenty of sun and I didn't want to be cooped up inside while I worked.

One of each of EVERYTHING, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

So guess what was in my tote bag?
(That's the big light blue bag on the left end of the table.)

I put one of each of all my PlateWraps in it, a box containing one of every kind of Pretty Little Doo Dad, a big white sheet, and an empty plate. On my way to the park I stopped at a grocery store and asked them to load the plate with their huge cookies.

Makeshift photo studio, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

Here's where I took today's pictures.

The butterfly PlateWrap is on the plate full of cookies with the turquoise paint pen. That Pretty Little Doo Dad on top is the pink organza bow.

Piled on the table to the left are aaaallllllllll the PlateWraps. In the plastic shoe box are every style of Pretty Little Doo Dad available so far.

It was a perfect day to take pictures, and I shot as many as I could until the camera battery died. (About 158, I think?) There are still several PlateWraps left to shoot, so if next Wednesday is nice, I'll head back to the park and take the rest of the pictures. I'm so glad I did this and will definitely plan to return to the park when the next batch of PlateWraps are ready.

Meanwhile, be sure to check back here often as I share some pictures of the new Pass It On Plates. There are some really fun PlateWraps coming up as well as a totally cool gift idea for Grandma or Auntie from the kiddos. Also - attention animal lovers! We have two new cat and two new dog PlateWraps coming up and boy oh boy are they cute! I'll be posting these in our Etsy shop over the next several weeks so be sure to check it out.

Speaking of Etsy, there are some good changes coming up for you over there as well. Some totally new items are in the testing stage and we can't wait to unveil them as soon they're ready!

Until then... come back tomorrow when we have some more exciting things going on!


  1. Wonderful pictures Pam! Doesn't nice weather lift your spirits?? It was a beautiful weekend here too. I spent most of it sitting outside or working in the yard. Amazing weather for Central Illinois. We are usually close to 100 at this time of the year!
    Can't wait to see your new wraps and ooh, I'm intrigued about the new esty features. Can't wait!
    With gratitude, Laurie B.

  2. great idea! I always feel a little weird taking my stuff outside to take pics!

  3. What a great idea! And pretty pictures!

  4. Lol, what a great idea. I just packed up my whole work area and moved it out to my screen house. Pray it doesn't rain, lol.


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