September 5, 2008


Check it out - line breaks in the blog title!

Want in on the secret? It's four little characters of html code that indicates a line break. It's so easy.

Here's the code: <br>
The BR means "Break"

When I typed in the title to this blog post, it looked like this:

Easy, peasy.
Now off you go, to let all hell <br> loose with your use of HTML.


  1. Hi Pam!
    You're such a ray of sunshine during my recouperation from this darn ear infection! (still can't hear out of my left ear)
    I read "easy peasy" and smiled...may be the first time I smiled in several days......ugh!
    Anyway, thank you friend!
    With Gratitude, Laurie B.

  2. ... what?

    Oh, I'm sorry to make fun of your ear infection. Tell the infection that nothing personal, but it has taken up enough of your time and you need to move on.

    Hope you kick that thing really soon.

  3. a side note here...

    Frank and I make hearing jokes like that all the time. Since he's totally Deaf, he always tells me I can nag all I want but he doesn't have to listen to it. If I ask him if he was paying attention when I told him something important, he replies, in sign language, "In one eye and out the other."


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