September 17, 2008 why do we have goosebumps?

Something we're even more excited about is:
Now you can Mix-n-Match your Pass It On Plate!

This one has us so excited to announce that we've got goosebumps up and down our arms.

We noticed people liked putting together their own combination of plate, PlateWrap, Pretty Little Doo Dad, and pen color when they bought from us at craft shows. Our friends all said they wanted the same thing when "talking plates" with us.

It's a totally custom Pass It On Plate or Pass It On Plate. Just tell us what you want when you place your order and we'll put it together for you. You can browse everything in the shop and if you see something you love, you can have it in your Mix-n-Match PIOP.

So what combination of PlateWrap, Pretty Little Doo Dad, and pen color would you put together?

Tropical Batik Print with Primary Curls Doo Dad, originally uploaded by passitonplates.


  1. Won a pass it on plate awhile back and have tried to email you my addy but think
    I'm getting sent to your junk folder. Just emailed you again. Please check the junk folder! thanks!

  2. Oh THANKS!! I'm so glad you let me know in the comments here. And I did get the email this time. Not sure what happened to the first email...

    Sorry about the trouble!
    Sending your package out asap -
    -Pam Hawk


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