September 15, 2008

Why are our heads all tingly?

We're so excited to announce this that the tops of our heads are all tingly.

Introducing the Pass It On Plate Lite:
Due to popular demand and after a lot of testing and surveying, the first new thing that we have is the Pass It On Plate Lite. Or the PIOP Lite. Basically, it's everything in the Original Pass It On Plate but the plate. You can learn more about what's included here.

The PIOP Lite is easy to customize with your own plate, pie pan, serving bowl, platter, etc.
It's a fun crafty project that requires no special equipment or sewing skills.
The PIOP Lite is a great item to keep on hand for thank you gifts or hostess gifts - The lucky person you give it to will be amazed at your cleverness and they'll remember youf gift forever.

Like making jello, you just need about an hour or so to get your PIOP Lite ready to give. (You will also need a plate or other 11"-13" dish to use that you are willing to alter and give away.)

MeeeOwww with Beaded Organza Doo Dad, originally uploaded by passitonplates.


  1. I'm one of the lucky ones that tried out and LOVED the PIOP Lite!!! It's a great concept and so so so fun!!!! I gave a plate as a birthday present awhile back and can't wait to start getting Christmas plates ready!!! Thanks Pam for always thinking of great, fun, VERY artistic concepts! With gratitude, Laurie B.

  2. Laurie, Thank you for mentioning your plate. I loved what you did to the "Inspire" plate to personalize it.

    Did you get the other package yet?


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