September 29, 2008

The Plate Diaries just got a lotta love

The Plate Diaries have a new look. Have you checked it out lately?

It took a few hours to tweak, but after switching over to three columns we had to fix a lot of ugly. The layout just didn't work and navigation was impossible.

In short, the Plate Diaries needed a lotta love. Here are all the changes:
  • We've got a fun, interactive guest book - thank you Laurie B for finding that goodie and posting it on your own blog - a constant source of inspiration
  • Added a more concise description about what the plates are and how they work. Clarity is power.
  • We have nifty sidebar labels which are photos edited on flickr. Remember our tutorial? You can use it for oh-so-much-more than just PW ads. At the very least, check out those labels.
  • A more organized recipe section
  • At the bottom, we added two travel maps to show you where Pass It On Plates have been. Please help us fill it up! Oh - does anyone know where I can find an interactive map that shows each Canadian province? The map must be easy to use. Sorry, I'm not going to Google maps and trying to crudely draw the outlines of each province. Have you see the Nova Scotia shoreline? And for the record, while in Los Angeles earlier this month some amazing and brilliant women from British Columbia have adopted a few plates. I hear one of them will be sent to Cambodia, but more on that later.
  • One-stop browsing to find all our promos and giveaways
  • Our favicon is back in place
  • And a survey to fill out in exchange for a free tote bag. Have you used or made a Pass It On Plate? Do you want a free tote bag? What are you waiting for - click your little tush over there!


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