September 19, 2008

Yes! We have a third exciting thing to announce!

New PlateWraps! New Pretty Little Doo Dads!

This one is so exciting that we're actually dragging our carcasses out of bed at the crack of dawn to go outside and take pictures of all the awesome new stuff.

Green Gingham with Thanks tiles, originally uploaded by passitonplates.

Donna in Wisconsin and her coffee klatsch of seamstresses made PlateWraps that were for sale only in the midwest. Pam in Oregon, (our chief photographer, blogger & Etsy manager) sewed up a bazillion PlateWraps that were for sale only in Oregon or online.

Donna was nice enough to send a big care package with several selections from her studio, and for the first time we have her beautiful PlateWraps and Pretty Little Doo Dads available online.

This charming gingham check is one of them. The words "THANKS" are spelled out in our latest Pretty Little Doo Dad, Letter Tiles. You can order these either by the letter or by the word. (Wouldn't they look great on a denim jacket, too?)

Check back often as we unveil more of Donna's stunning designs.

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