September 11, 2008

Join the Pass It On Plates Flickr Group!

This new Flickr group is all about Pass It On Plates.

Have you made a Pass It On Plate with one of our kits?
You can upload your pictures here and then email us a link at myplate [at] to activate your plate. This email address is also in the instructions along with your plate's tracking number.

Laurie B from Laurie *Beggin Glass Musings* made this plate!

Have you received a Pass It On Plate or passed one on?
Have you seen one at a pot luck dinner or party? Have you received one as a hostess gift?
Post all your Pass It On Plate related pictures here.

Suzanne from Brambleberry Row made this plate!

Include your plate number with your pictures either in the title, tag, or description, and we'll post it under that plate number in the online plate diary, giving you the credit and linking back to your Flickr photostream or any other link you want promoted. Just make sure your picture is set as public so we can blog it directly from Flickr.

Suzanne from Brambleberry Row also sewed this PlateWrap and made the Pretty Little Doo Dad on top!

Andi's Andes cookies on plate #0803049.



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