September 7, 2008

The World's Greatest Marketing Seminar

Tomorrow morning I am flying to Los Angeles to attend a week-long, intense marketing seminar with the same title as this blog post.

I can't wait to see what's in store for me.
The last time I attended one of these seminars I returned home with a big smile, self confidence, and a broken piece of wood.
I still have the wood.

Last year, when I turned 40 I finally finally figured out what I wanted to do when I grew up. Well, I always knew I wanted to figure things out and help people put things together but I didn't know what that meant. In the late 80's when the Nickolodeon channel started Nick at Nite, they had a little station ID thing where a girl was watching tv on the roof of her building. Something crazy always happened to the girl, and each very short "short" had a different ending. I was 19 or 20 and that's when I knew I wanted to figure out how to create stuff like that for other people.

Not having the greatest career counselor
in high school (my graduating class had 45 kids in it and that included the exchange student) or college, for that matter, so I had no idea how to make this kind of magic happen.

Fast forward 20 years and at some point it dawned on me that I am a born marketer. I need to transfer all my graphic design college credits into a business degree with a focus on Marketing/Advertising. A graphic design minor is a no-brainer, since I've already had most of my core classes. Ok, I had to take Art History twice because it was a two hour slide show, twice a week, and as soon as the lights went out, I went out.

Hmmm, kinda hard to pass a class

So now because I'm working on finishing my college degree, my wonderful Dad enrolled me into a marketing class taught by some big muck-e-mucks whose names I'm not sure of (Jay Conrad Levinson of Guerrilla Marketing, I think?), and he's flying me down to LA for the class.

When I return, I'll have all kinds of
interesting tips and tidbits to share here.

I'm really, really excited about this class. The last class I took from this group of instructors was about changing ones' financial attitude and the instructor, T. Harv Ecker, was absolutely phenomenal. At one point in the class he wanted to impress upon all of us that we can do anything we set our minds to. We just have to see past the problem. It was during this exercise that I karate-chopped a piece of wood with my bare hand. No pain. No previous martial arts skills. But wow, did I gain self confidence! My mom attended the same class with me and she karate-chopped her own board. This class was a group of about 300 people and even the meek little old ladies karate chopped a piece of wood. It was awesome.

As soon as I return, Mr. Pass It On Plates and I need to get into high gear to prepare for our move. We just bought a condo and close on it at the end of this month. (The papers were signed a few days ago.) That means we have to pack up and move two weeks after I return. Am I stressed out? You bet. But I will post here at least three times a week with interesting stuff you can use - and again, most of the marketing and small business posts will be on my new blog.

Don't worry, though. I have written all kinds of posts ahead of time, so be sure to check back often during the next few weeks to see what's new.

Meanwhile, how about a giveaway?
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