September 20, 2008

Portland Road Trip #2

While we were in Portland's Nob Hill neighborhood, we strolled up one side of West 23rd and down the other. It was Sunday, so a lot of places were really quiet, but it was still nice to window shop. Care to join us?

DSCN0552, originally uploaded by Adventures of Pam & Frank.

(The guy in the gray jacket is Frank. I was snapping pictures when he got impatient and ditched me.)

DSCN0567, originally uploaded by Adventures of Pam & Frank.

I just love the colors in this outfit. Rachel visibly gagged (she's twelve; what does she know?) and Frank raised one eyebrow. If they had it in my size - and price - I would have gotten it just to be seen with them in public.

Unfortunately the size and price were too little and too big for me. But I still love it.

DSCN0563, originally uploaded by Adventures of Pam & Frank.


  1. You can take me window shopping with you ALL of the time!! LOOK at those beautiful fall colors reflected in the window! Oh, some times I do miss the city...and shopping! How fun and what beautiful pictures. I love the colors of the buildings and how they blend. It reminds me of State Street in Madison, WI...(sigh) Well, I'm out to prune my new willow tree. The monarchs are starting to desend on The Olde Farmhouse. I imagine it will be a week or so and I'll be taking migration pictures. For some reason the Monarchs stop here and rest in our trees, hence they are COVERED with the's so fun to step underneath the trees and have the butterflies swirling all around you. Its incredibly magical! With gratitude, Laurie B.

  2. Oh that's neat. Can't wait to see your Monarch pictures.

    I'd love to say we have something interesting that migrates this time of year but the weather is so mild that the only noticeable creature moving around are the Canadian Geese (gigantic rats with wings) that just fly back and forth overhead from one slough to another. Year 'round, but more noticeable this time of year. Just like helicopters overhead, we'll be indoors and hear the honking as the flying V passes overhead.

    No, I forgot. We do have southbound whale migration in December and northbound again in March. I plan to head to the coast in December to volunteer with the whale count this year. Camera in hand, of course.

    And let's not forget humans. I'll take my camera window shopping again, the next time I head up to PDX.


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