February 28, 2009

Featuring Deconstructress

In the comments of our Share The Love Giveaway, NewYorkMemos said... My favorite item on Etsy is the Starry Night Fairy Gown made by Deconstructress. She makes beautiful gowns from wedding dresses. I love her creations.

All I can say is... WOW! Maybe I don't get out much, but these are fabulous. I think it takes guts to desonctruct and rebuild a wedding gown, (the first one, anyway) and LOVE her idea. These are gorgeous.

Steph's shop announcement says it best:
"I specialize in custom costume couture. My gowns are created from scratch or by piecing together sample wedding gowns. I use new and old materials. Many of my gowns are handpainted using a variety of techniques to create wearable art. My inspirations come from art, literature, film, music, nature and anything else that I can interpret into a piece of clothing."

According to her shop profile, she...
"...started creating these dresses when I purchased a couple of vintage wedding gowns and made Corpse Bride costumes out of them. I built my first collection of twenty designs. I get an idea stuck in my head and don't give up until I can create it. A lot of my designs begin as several wedding dresses "deconstructed" to one, handpainted dresses and others are made from scratch. I rarely use patterns because my mind just doesn't work that way. I add new designs every few months and I always accept custom orders."

When I asked Steph for permission to post some pictures and info, she showed me two versions of the dress. This Starry Night gown is the one pointed out by NewYorkMemos and it has hand painted silky wings.

This is an earlier version with hand painted organza wings.

Of course, I had to look at everything and this one caught my eye:

And I love the description:
"I envision the Tattered Rose Fairy as a bit of a rebel fairy. She is feminine and loves roses and girly tulle gowns, but she also loves late night dancing and whiskey. Her wings are the fairy equivalent of smeared mascara after a long night out. They are weathered and a bit singed. I am certain The Tattered Rose Fairy has at least one tattoo, but most likely many more. "

Yep, I'm sure there are...

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