February 18, 2009

Featuring EclecticOrchid at Etsy

In our recent Share the Love Giveaway, Bisou Bisou Beads mentioned a necklace, saying...
"I acutally bought one from her in silver and I can't wait to get it!"
Since her comment was just a link, of course I had to hop over to Etsy and see the necklace she was talking about. Isn't this a sweet necklace? I love the little bottle where you could add your own tender message.

Eclectic Orchid's description reads:
There's nothing better than receiving a love letter! The romance, the butterflies, floating on cloud nine! This little necklace has all of that combined with a whole lot of sparkle and flair! The letter in the bottle can be customized to say whatever your heart desires! Could there be a better way to say I love you?

Looking through her other items, I was intrigued with the shop category: "Let Them Eat Cake." If you are enamored with Marie Antoinette or love all things French (very French) you'll love this brand new line.

Eclectic Orchid's desciption mentions that her Marie inspiration "...has made for some pretty and interesting creations depicting the lavishness, opulence, and bold fashion that Marie was known for. It is my hope to create a sort of enchanted, slightly excessive, yet whimisical dream world that will have you basking in the glory of your own little empire (but you get to skip the French Revolution and keep your head)! "

It's a lovely shop filled with romantic jewelry. Hmmm, a little too late for Valentine's Day, but Mothers' Day is just around the corner. I bet mom would adore a little token of love from her favorite child...
...or you could drop (crystal clear) hints to your hubby?

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