February 4, 2009

Rrrowf! is part of Plate It Forward - whoo hoo!

We still have a few of these left, and they are now part of our Plate It Forward TM program and they qualify for Plate Diary Dollars TM.

Here's the deal:

Plate It Forward TM
When you buy an Original Pass It On Plate with this PlateWrap, we donate 100% of the profits to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter in Newport, Oregon. The donation will be made in your name, and you can use this as a charitable contribution at tax time. We'll send you the related paperwork with your order.

Plate Diary Dollars TM
Every time the plate # associated with this plate gets another qualified entry in the online Plate Diary, we'll donate a dollar to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter in Newport, Oregon. At this time, we're capping this at $5, but that's 5 people who are helping to support this worthy cause by passing along this Pass It On Plate.

And no, other than the price to purchase this Pass It On Plate, this does not cost you or your friends anything extra to pass it on. All the donation funds come from Pam Hawk dba Pass It On Plates.

For more information about the Lincoln County Animal Shelter, please visit: http://www.lincolncountysheriff.net/animal/shelter.html

Don't forget!
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