February 15, 2009

Featuring My Lovely Cupcake

right now I love this print from rkdsign88 =) melanie

(images posted with permission from rkdsign88)

What a sweet shop. Are you decorating your little girl's bedroom? One or two (or three!) of her prints might just be your inspiration piece(s) for the whole room.

Rita not only creates prints of these precious little girls but oh my goodness she has cupcakes! You can buy a PDF of her original cupcake images to use as gift tags, place cards, or all kinds of other creative uses.

My obnoxious 13 year old is too cool for this look now, but 10 years ago she would have been begging me for some of these prints for her bedroom, for a theme birthday party, as presents to give at her friends' birthday parties...

Have you seen how affordable these are? This is exactly why I love handmade so much more than store-bought. You can't find anything this adorable in stores and when you come close you'll have to pay at least $20 per print.

Ok, enough with me gushing over her cuteness. Go take a look at her shop and you'll see I didn't even begin to describe all that she has available to you.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention: Rita has a blog, too!
She's at www.rkdsign88.blogspot.com
where you can find out what's coming up new in her shop.
And yes, mothers of adorable boys, she has a boy print featured on her blog!

Go look!

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