February 27, 2009

Have you ever seen a wool penguin?

This guy is a cutie. And you can see how soft he is. Have you ever felt alpaca wool? You might be surprised to know that Alpaca is a type of llama - but their wool is incredibly warm and soft.

Isabelle's description says,
"I've got to admit this one is a new favorite :) 11" tall, and knitted with the softessst alpaca blend (59% acrylic, 22% cotton, 3% nylon and 16% alpaca) - yes, llama wool :) His big feet allow him to stand (if you help him find his balance) but he's so soft there's no doubt he will spend most of his time in the arms of your toddler :) Like all my other items he's filled with non-allergic bonded polyester."

I love this sweet bear, too. His name is Hubert.
There are a lot of other cuddly wool characters in her shop. Which one is your favorite?

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