February 17, 2009

Introducing Kyla Bea Crafty

bFlat said...
I love this bookmark by kylabeacrafty!

These are really neat and much more durable than the lousy post it notes I have been known to use. Don't even get me started on the dog-eared page corner debate in our house.
(I'm guilty! Hubby hates it!)

kylabeacrafty's description reads:
"An original hand cut silhouette design with stitching detail, rounded corners, and a 5 mm hard plastic finish. The first image is an image of the bookmark that this listing is for, the following three images are to give you an idea of size and detail. All book marks are different so please look around my shop, there are many different silhouettes and colour combinations!

The base size is 6" tall and 2.5" wide, the placement of the silhouette detail will make the finished size vary slightly. {Bookmarks never have a shipping fee - unless you need them extra fast!} "

Not only are these bookmarks cute, but when I asked permission to share her work she mentioned that she also has a blog. Of course I had to stop in and see what's going on. Ooh, her blog is a funky retro newlywed working girl (with an exciting new job that starts in a couple weeks) I-wish-we-were-neighbors-who-hung-out-a-lot kind of blog.
Love it.

Please do check her out.

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