February 21, 2009

Meet Mimi the Pug

In the comments of our Share The Love Giveaway, Chelsea Ling pointed out Mimi the Pug at Cuore Accessories & More.

Isn't she cute? She's looking at us as if we just asked if she wants to go out for a walk. Pretty soon she'll bring her leash to you and bark at you to put your shoes on...

The description introduces you to Mimi, "Mimi the Pug loves to snuggle up into shopping totes, and get carried around into grocery stories. She loves the way the ice cream aisle smells, and makes cute little grunting noises whenever she sees people she likes."

If you're in love with Mimi, and are disappointed to see that the pillow that Chelsea loves has been sold, no worries. Here's another Mimi the Pug pillow.

I think Stewart the Owl is pretty clever... Wood grained fabric on a bolster pillow.


(Sorry! Bad pun...)

You really should take a look at Cuore now - you'll be able to say you knew her back when she was starting out (Ok, 2+ years ago...) Her profile introduces her this way:

"Konichiwa! My name is Mika Y., and I am a freelance designer for accessories, clothing, and everything else that's fun!

After receiving my degree in design from the Fashion Institute in Los Angeles, I honed my creative skills at Paul Frank Industries for 6 1/2 years as the Women's Accessories designer where I learned how to make everything from bags and wallets to guitar straps.

I started "Cuore" (heart in Italian) in 2006, and was honored to be named a finalist in Fred Flare's "Next Big Thing 2007" !

I love to put all of my love into my items, and take pride in my craftWOmanship: It's all about the details!"

See what I mean?

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