February 25, 2009

This reminds me of home

In the comments of our Share The Love Giveaway, windycindy said...
I love Pottery! On the Artfire site, I found this wonderful 2QT Casserole:
This piece was handcrafted by Lockman Potter
I actually have a story to share about a pot like this...
I grew up in Northern Wisconsin near a somewhat touristy area that has two well-known pottery studios. Not crawling-with-idiots touristy with fast food and billboards, but a quiet, almost nostalgic place with B&Bs in quaint Victorian homes, and a marina where you could dock your sailboat, hang out at the beach, do some shopping, have lunch, then sail out to the Apostle Islands. Years ago, my mom grew up in the same area, so her taste in objects d'art tend to gravitate toward the lake, sailing, pottery, antiques, and whimsy.

At some point, she was lucky enough to have a couple stoneware casserole dishes, which were not only used for company, but every day use. The best meals came from these two casseroles, and when I saw this in the comments of our Share The Love Giveaway I just smiled.

If you don't have access to a beautiful area like the one where I grew up, you can get your own piece of casual, relaxed, functional beauty at Artfire's Lockman Potter. He's on Artfire and you can see more of his work on his website at www.lockmanpottery.com

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